Human Rights activist Miko Peled contests Israel’s dominant narrative against Palestinians

Miko Peled — TRT World Research Centre (2022)

“Citizens in a State” member Alain Alameddine explains why Zionism’s politicizing identity is a danger to Palestine, the Middle East and the world

Alain Alameddine — Radio 786 (2022)

Jeff Halper speaks of the transition from the apartheid state of Israel to One Democratic State in Palestine

Jeff Halper, Majd Nasrallah (2021)

Miko Peled, Jeff Halper and others speak of the struggle for one democratic state in historic Palestine

Munir Nuseiba, Jonathan Kuttab, Lamis Deek, Miko Peled, Jeff Halper (2021)

Mondoweiss article on how support for one democratic state grows as Palestinians lose hope in two-state solution

Mondoweiss (2017)

Talk with Karl Sabbagh and Awad Abdel-Fattah on the One Democratic State in Palestine, interviewed by Salma Karmi

Karl Sabbagh, Awad Abdel-Fattah (2016)

Gideon Levy and Ilan Pappé discuss Israeli politics Westminster University, hosted by Ruba Saleh

Gideon Levy, Ilan Pappe, Ruba Saleh (2016)

Human rights activist Miko Peled speaks of How the Lobby enables Israeli policy

Miko Peled — Israel Lobby Con (2015)

Online discussion with Ariella Azoulay and Adi Ophir

Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon (2013)