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Disclaimer: The “One Democratic State” Initiative makes the following ODS-related material available, without necessarily endorsing every opinion expressed therein or held by individuals or groups mentioned therein.
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Audiovisual Material
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Human Rights activist Miko Peled contests Israel’s dominant narrative against Palestinians

Miko Peled — TRT World Research Centre (2022)

“Citizens in a State” member Alain Alameddine explains why Zionism’s politicizing identity is a danger to Palestine, the Middle East and the world

Alain Alameddine — Radio 786 (2022)

Jeff Halper speaks of the transition from the apartheid state of Israel to One Democratic State in Palestine

Jeff Halper, Majd Nasrallah (2021)

Miko Peled, Jeff Halper and others speak of the struggle for one democratic state in historic Palestine

Munir Nuseiba, Jonathan Kuttab, Lamis Deek, Miko Peled, Jeff Halper (2021)

Mondoweiss article on how support for one democratic state grows as Palestinians lose hope in two-state solution

Mondoweiss (2017)

Talk with Karl Sabbagh and Awad Abdel-Fattah on the One Democratic State in Palestine, interviewed by Salma Karmi

Karl Sabbagh, Awad Abdel-Fattah (2016)

Gideon Levy and Ilan Pappé discuss Israeli politics Westminster University, hosted by Ruba Saleh

Gideon Levy, Ilan Pappe, Ruba Saleh (2016)

Human rights activist Miko Peled speaks of How the Lobby enables Israeli policy

Miko Peled — Israel Lobby Con (2015)

Online discussion with Ariella Azoulay and Adi Ophir

Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon (2013)

ODS in the News
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Jerusalem Post: Palestinian Support for a One-State Solution at Highest Since Last Year

Adi Koplewitz — Jerusalem Post (2022)

Palestine Chronicle: Jordanian PM defends one-state democratic solution for Palestine

Palestine Chronicle, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed (2020)

The Arab Weekly: Jordanian PM defends one-state democratic solution for Palestine

The Arab Weekly (2020)

New York Times: As a two-state solution loses steam, a one-state plan gains traction

David M. Halbfinger — New York Times (2018)

Article on the politics of demography in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Noorulain Khawaja — Journal of International Affairs (2018)

CS Monitor: End of the two-state solution? What Israel, Palestinians would be giving up

Joel Greenberg — Christian Science Monitor (2017)

International One Democratic State conference in Zürich

One Democratic State in Palestine (2014)

DW: The One-State Solution for the Middle East picks steam

Daniella Cheslow — DW (2013)

New Palestinian movement calls for One-State Solution

Daoud Kuttab — Al-Monitor (2013)

Activists Launch Initiative Calling for the One Democratic State in Palestine

IMEMC News (2013)

Protagonists of the Palestine Solidarity will get together

Wilhelm Langthaler — Anti-Imperialist Camp (2012)

One Democratic State to be debated in Assisi

Wilhelm Langthaler — Anti-Imperialist Camp (2012)

First manifestation for One Democratic State in Palestine

Wilhelm Langthaler — Anti-Imperialist Camp (2010)

Statements & Press Releases
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Lebanese political party “Citizens in a State”: One civil state in all of Palestine

Citizens in a State (2021)

Palestinians and Israelis call for a One Democratic State

One Democratic State Campaign (2020)

One Democratic State Campaign statement on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people

One Democratic State Campaign (2020)

Awad Abdelfattah on ODS and the perspective for revival of the Palestinian liberation movement

Awad Abdelfattah — One Democratic State Campaign (2015)

Jaffa and Ramallah ODS movements come together

Jaffa Group for One Democratic State — Anti-Imperialist Camp (2013)

Founding Statement for the Popular Movement for One Democratic State on the Land of Historical Palestine

Popular Movement for One Democratic State — Anti-Imperialist Camp (2013)

Announcement on the Establishment of The Jaffa Group for One Democratic State

Jaffa Group for One Democratic State (2013)

ODS supporters Hold Study Day in Ramallah

Jaffa Group for One Democratic State (2013)

ODS supporters on both sides of the green line hold study day in Ramallah

Popular Movement for One Democratic State on the Historic Land of Palestine (2013)

Closing Document of the Palestine Solidarity Conference Separated in the Past – Together in the Future

Palestine Solidarity Conference — Anti-Imperialist Camp (2010)

Haifa Conference for the return of the Palestinian refugees and for the Secular Democratic State in historic Palestine

One Democratic State Campaign (2010)

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An article by ODSI activists on DiEM25's website explains why One Democratic State is the only sensible solution

Ameen Abul Asal and Alain Alameddine — DiEM25 (2023)

An article by One Democratic State that compares the two-state and one-state proposals

One Democratic State (2023)

A Jewish and democratic state is in reality a contradiction. Democracy means government by the people. Jewish statehood means government by Jews.

Peter Beinart — New York Times (2023)

Article by Pete Gregson about Israel as a colonial rather than Jewish endeavor

Pete Gregson — One Democratic Palestine (2023)

Türkkaya Ataöv on one Arab-Jewish state under the Ottoman Empire and after

Türkkaya Ataöv (2022)

Azril Mohd Amin proposes making Israel, Gaza and West Bank one state with equal citizenship rights for all

Azril Mohd Amin — New Straits Times (2022)

Awad Abdelfattah on the liberation discourse

Awad Abdelfattah — One Democratic State Campaign (2022)

Article by Phil Butland on why the two-state solution for Palestine is impossible

Phil Butland — The Left-Berlin (2022)

Article by Ilan Pappe on Nuh Ibrahim and Haifa: The One Democratic State vision will turn into reality

Ilan Pappe — Palestine Chronicle (2022)

Areej Sabbagh-Khoury on Israeli settler-colonial accumulation by dispossession

Areej Sabbagh-Khoury — One Democratic State Campaign (2022)

All its Citizens wants to unite the left in Israel around the principle of complete equality for all

Ben Reiff — 972 Magazine (2022)

Al Shabaka: Leila Farsakh on Palestine beyond partition and the establishment of a Jewish nation-state

Leila Farsakh — Al Shabaka (2022)

Palestine Chronicle: Article by Ramzy Baroud on Palestine’s chance of fighting back and the need to reach ordinary people

Ramzy Baroud — Palestine Chronicle (2021)

Middle East Monitor: Ilan Pappe and Awad Abdulfattah discuss how one state is a game changer

Ilan Pappe, Awad Abdelfattah — Memo Middle East Monitor (2021)

Middle East Eye: Awad Abdelfattah on Joe Biden and the devastating illusion of the peace process and the two-state solution

Awad Abdelfattah — Middle East Eye (2021)

Lana Tatour explains why calling Israel an apartheid state is not enough

Lana Tatour — One Democratic State Campaign (2021)

Foreign Affairs: Article by Marwan Muasher on the failure of the two-state solution

Marwan Muasher — Foreign Affairs (2021)

Electronic Intifada: Article by Josh Ruebner on a post-colonial Palestine

Josh Ruebner — Electronic Intifada (2021)

Decolonizing Israel, liberating Palestine: Zionism, settler colonialism, and the case for one democratic state by Jeff Halper

David Finkel — International Viewpoint (2021)

Avi Shlaim on the illusion, and reality, of the two-state solution

Avi Shlaim — Palestine-Israel Journal (2021)

Article Jonathan Cook on the failure of the two-state solution and the motivation behind its proposal was the preservation of Jewish supremacy

Jonathan Cook (2021)

Times of Israel: The world is likely to abandon the two-state solution

Raphael Ahren — Times of Israel (2020)

Palestine Chronicle: Ramzy Baroud discusses how moving past apartheid though one state is not ideal but is just and possible

Ramzy Baroud — Palestine Chronicle (2020)

Jordan Times: Hasan Abu Nimah discusses the options of two-states, apartheid or one democratic state

Hasan Abu Nimah — Jordan Times (2020)

Haidar Eid proposes replacing the apartheid regime with a democratic state of equal rights for all its inhabitants, including the returning refugees.

Haidar Eid — One Democratic State Campaign (2020)

Haidar Eid discusses the failure of Trump’s plan for Palestinian statehood and the existence of an alternative vision

Haidar Eid — One Democratic State Campaign (2020)

Haidar Eid discusses the failure and danger of the two-state solution on Al Jazeera

Haidar Eid — Al Jazeera (2020)

European Council on Foreign Relations on the end of Oslo and the need for a new strategy on Israel-Palestine

Hugh Lovatt (2020)

Ellen Isaacs discusses if a One-State Solution could eliminate racism without getting rid of capitalism

Ellen Isaacs — One Democratic State Campaign (2020)

Article by Ramzy Baroud on Jordan’s hinting that it might support the one-state solution for Palestine

Ramzy Baroud — Palestine Chronicle (2020)

Article by Peter Beinart: A Jewish Case for Equality in Israel-Palestine

Peter Beinart — Jewish Currents (2020)

Article by Majed Kayali on the need for a fair solution for Palestinians

Majed Kayali — Fanack (2020)

Article by Jeff Halper and Awad Abdulfattah: Time for the one-state solution to go mainstream

Jeff Halper, Awad Abdelfattah — Electronic Intifada (2020)

American Friends Service Committee: Trump’s Deal of the Century with Israel Sustains Apartheid and Injustice for Palestinians

Mike Merryman-Lotze — American Friends Service Committee (2020)

This article on Foreign Affairs discusses how there will be a one-state solution, but the question is what kind of state it will be

Yousef Munayyer — Foreign Affairs (2019)

Ramzy Baroud: One state, democratic or racist?

Ramzy Baroud — Palestine Chronicle (2019)

Ilan Pappe on the one state push for Israel and Palestine

Ilan Pappe — The Hindu (2019)

Ian Black’s review of the book ‘From the River to the Sea: Palestine and Israel in the Shadow of “Peace”’ by Mandy Turner

Ian Black — LSE (2019)

From Zionist Settler Colonialism to Decolonization by the One Democratic State Campaign

One Democratic State Campaign (2019)

Diana Buttu discusses the dead-end for Zionism and the two-state solution

Diana Buttu, Leslie Cohen — The Cairo Review (2019)

Awad Abdelfattah and Jeff Halper: A just future demands the decolonization of Palestine and one democratic state for all

Awad Abdelfattah, Jeff Halper — One Democratic State Campaign (2019)

Asaf Calderon addresses fears about the one democratic state solution

Asaf Calderon — 972 Magazine (2019)

Amal Wahdan on the campaign for One Democratic State of Palestine

Amal Wahdan — Center for Counter Hegemonic Studies (2019)

A discussion on how combating Zionism requires a vision that pays no credence to ethno-nationalism

William Shoki — Africa Is A Country (2019)

This paper aims to analyze the reasons for the emergence of the onestate paradigm as an alternative to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in recent years

Hsiu-Ping Bao — Asian Journal of Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies (2018)

Yoav Haifawi discusses the campaign for One Democratic State

Yoav Haifawi — Mondoweiss (2018)

This article discusses how Gaza’s March can elevate the one-state movement

Lobe Log (2018)

Rima Najjar discusses an ODS political initiative

Rima Najjar — Counter Currents (2018)

Ramzy Baroud talks about eight things he learned about Palestine while touring eight Western nations

Ramzy Baroud — Palestine Chronicle (2018)

Jeff Helper discusses the One Democratic State Campaign for a multicultural democratic state in Palestine/Israel

Jeff Halper — Socialist Project, One Democratic State Campaign (2018)

A review of Jeff Halper’s book, Decolonising Israel, Liberating Palestine: The Roadmap to a One-State Democracy

Sophia Akram — The New Arab (2018)

Haidar Eid proposes one state for all as the only alternative to Israeli apartheid

Haidar Eid — One Democratic State Campaign (2018)

This article documents European Union’s bias and failure with regard to the creation of a Palestinian state

Amir Khalil — Arab Reform Initiative (2017)

This article discusses why it is either One Democratic State for all or perpetual open-ended conflict

Khalid Amayreh — Milli Gazette (2017)

Ramzy Baroud dismisses fear mongering regarding the establishment of one democratic state in Palestine and Israel

Ramzy Baroud — Eurasia Review (2017)

PLO leader Abbas’ deputy: We would accept one democratic state, Israel wouldn’t

Chris Kleponis — i24 News (2017)

A review of ’s book, Countering The Palestinian Nakba: One State For All

Rifka Al-Amya — One Democratic State Campaign (2017)

Haidar Eid discusses Edward Said and the re-drawing of the post-colonial political map of Palestine

Haidar Eid — One Democratic State Campaign (2017)

This article argues in favor of a Levantine approach to citizenship and citizenship

Bashir Bashir — Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2015)

Justin Scott Finkelstein discusses with a two-state solution is unattainable

Justin Scott Finkelstein — Foreign Policy Research Institute (2014)

This paper explores the economic underpinnings of a one-state solution in Palestine

Leila Farsakh (2013)

Yoaf Haifawi discusses the danger of both the green line and the red line

Yoav Haifawi — The Jaffa Group for (2013)

Political activist discusses concerns in Gaza and the failure of the two-state solution

Haidar Eid — Anti-Imperialist Camp (2013)

Political activist discusses concerns in Gaza and the failure of the two-state solution

Haidar Eid — DisOrient (2013)

Awad Abdelfattah discusses the danger of accepting the Bantustan option

Awad Abdelfattah — Mondoweiss (2013)

This academic paper presents the One State Solution as an alternative vision for ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Abdul Yusef — CUNY (2012)

The Munich Declaration for One Democratic State in Historic Palestine

One Democratic State (2012)

Awad Abdulfattah and Jonathan Cook discuss the One-State Solution and rebuilding the Palestinian national movement (Part 1)

Awad Abdelfattah, Jonathan Cook — Jadaliya (2012)

This essay reviews the prospects for success of the two-state solution and sets out the arguments for and against such a settlement.

Ghada Karmi — Palestine Studies (2011)

Ghada Karmi proposes the One-State Solution as an alternative vision for Israeli-Palestinian peace

Ghada Karmi — Palestine Studies (2011)

This article examines notions of a one-state solution and highlights the useful role that geographers can play in discussing such notions

Elizabeth Mavroudi — Loughborough University (2010)

This article discusses the decay of the Zionist left

Willi Langthaler — Anti-Imperialist Camp (2010)

Abu Obaida Shakir on a common state of Muslims, Christians and Jews Without Zionism

Abu Obaida Shakir (2010)

A discussion of the One Democratic State solution from a socialist viewpoint

Tikva Honig-Parnass — International Socialist Review (2009)

This article employs a ‘rights-based approach’ in evaluating a ‘single state solution’ to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

George Bisharat — Global Jurist (2008)

In this “Le Monde diplomatique” article, Leila Farsakh explains why the two-state solution is a dead-end

Leila Farsakh — Le Monde Diplomatique (2007)

Leon Hadar explains why One Democratic State is the only solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Leon Hadar — CATO Institute (2004)

A discussion with a representative of Fatah about the one democratic state solution

Fatah (1969)

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Book: Decolonizing Israel, Liberating Palestine

Jeff Halper (2021)

Book: Neither Settler nor Native: The Making and Unmaking of Permanent Minorities

Mahmood Mamdani (2020)

Book: From the River to the Sea: Palestine and Israel in the Shadow of Peace

Mandy Turner (2019)

Book: Politically Incorrect: Why a Jewish State Is a Bad Idea

Ofra Yeshua-Lyth (2016)

Book: The Re-Emergence of the Single State Solution in Palestine/Israel

Cherine Hussein (2015)

Book: The Case for a Secular New Jerusalem

Ofra Yeshua-Lyth (2014)

Book: The Case for One Democratic State in Historic Palestine

Samir Abedrabbo (2014)

Book: The One-State Condition: Occupation and Democracy in Israel/Palestine

Ariella Azoulay and Adi Ophir (2012)

Book: The One-State Solution

Virginia Tilley (2010)

Book: Overcoming Zionism

Joel Kovel (2007)

Book: One Country

Ali Abunimah (2007)

Book: Approach to the Single Democratic State — Two Separate and Interlocked Communities

Ahmad Katamesh — Samidoun (2007)

Book: Sharing the Land of Canaan: Human Rights and the Israeli-Palestinian Struggle

Mazin Qumsiyeh (2004)